Cara memeriksa rekaman (Video Analytics)

After the recording is uploaded in Video Analytics, you can play the recording of the meeting, and check the speech recognition results, emotion recognition, chat history, comments, etc.

  Permissions or subscriptions required

  • You would need to subscribe to MiiTel Meetings.


Play the recording

  1. Visit and log in to MiiTel Analytics.
  2. Click video-solid.svg Video Analytics.
  3. Click the meeting history from the list.
  4. Click play-solid.svg to play the recording.


Download the recording

  1. Visit and log in to MiiTel Analytics.
  2. Click video-solid.svg Video Analytics.
  3. Click the meeting history from the list.
  4. Click Download.



  •   Depending on the Download files set on MiiTel Admin, you may not be able to download the recording. Contact your administrator to check or change the Download files settings.

Find the history

  1. Visit and log in to MiiTel Analytics.
  2. Click video-solid.svg Video Analytics.
  3. Search the meeting history you want to check by selecting the period (displayed on the sidebar menu on the left) or by clicking Search option and entering the details.


<Search option>

スクリーンショット 2024-02-22 16.05.22.png

Things you can check on the header

You can check the meeting title, date and time of the meeting, etc.


1Meeting title.

2Date and time of the meeting.

3Click Add call memo to add a call memo in the history.

4Meeting duration.

5The number of users who played the meeting.
(Even if the same user plays more than once, it will count as one user for each time they play the recording. Hover over the icon to check the users who played the recording.)

6Name of participants.

7You can set access restrictions. (For more details, check Restrict access to meeting history.)

8You can set the following.


  •  Even if you delete the meeting history from Video Analytics, the recording will still be saved on Zoom's cloud recording storage.

Check the analysis results


1Talk ratio: The ratio of each participant who spoke during the meeting will be displayed by a percentage. (You can click on the colored part on each bar to play the recording from that time.)

2Emotion recognition: The emotion level will be displayed by color in accordance with the voice tone and conversation details.

3Silences: The parts where nobody talked during the meeting.

4Overlaps: The parts where more than one person talked simultaneously during the meeting.


  •  The unknown in Talk ratio shows where the speaker could not be identified (with the percentage of the meeting).

Transcript, Comment, Minutes

Speech evaluation and Voice evaluation


1Speech evaluation: The meeting's speech evaluation results. (Number of overlaps and silences)

2Voice evaluation: All meeting participants' voice evaluation results. (Score)


  •  For the user name displayed as guests, such as guest01, you can click pen-to-square-solid (1).svg Connect to MiiTel user to select the MiiTel user to link the user name with.
    eng_meeting_link user.gif
  •  After you link the display name with a MiiTel user, the evaluation results will be reflected as the following.
  • The results will be displayed in blue as the MiiTel user's voice.
  • The results will be reflected in the Video Dashboard as the MiiTel user.
  •   User name that is linked with a MiiTel user will have miitel.png displayed.
  •   To remove the connection, click close.png Delete MiiTel user.

Keywords and Chat history


1Keywords spoken during the meeting and the time when the keyword was spoken.

2Chat history during the cloud recording.


  •   Even if you delete the recording on Zoom Cloud, the recording will still be saved on Video Analytics.
  •   For recordings that are 8 hours or longer, you won't be able to check the speech recognition and voice analysis, but you can still play it on Video Analytics.
  •   You can search for the meeting history from full-text search.
  •   By the default settings, a meeting history can be saved for up to 13 months from the month the history was created. (E.g., For meeting histories created from April 1, 2023 to April 30, 2023, these histories will be saved until May 31, 2024.) If you want to save histories longer than 13 months, please contact us.
  •   If the Zoom user designated as the alternative host joins a meeting, this Zoom user's username will be displayed as the host in Video Analytics.

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