Integrasi Kintone

By setting up kintone integration, you can retrieve the business partner information associated with the other party's phone number from the kintone application when the call ends, and automatically register it in the contacts.
If you want to limit the IP address during the integration, please check "How to fix the IP address during kintone integration".


Because this feature uses the kintone REST API, the kintone subscription type must be Standard Course and cannot be used with Light Course.

Connect kintone with MiiTel

  1. In MiiTel Analytics [Settings] __________2019-10-01_18.33.51.png.
  2. Click [kintone integration].
  3. Check the "Enable feature" box and enter the required information.

_ kintone__.png

Login name: Set your kintone login user name


Password: The password for the kintone account you set in ①


Domain: Set the domain that is included in your organization's kintone access URL. (e.g., http://<domain> where <domain> is the domain)

4 App ID: Open the kintone app screen where you want to connect MiiTel and confirm the URL. URL. If your app's URL is "", enter "3".

5 Phone Number Field Code: Select the name of the field where the phone number is registered (if you are using the Sales Support Pack If you are using the Sales Support Pack, please select "TEL")

6 Business Partner Company Name Field Code: Select the field name where the business partner company name is registered (select "TEL" if you are using the Sales Support Pack)


If the field set to [Business partner company name field] is set to kintone activity history link is set as the "copy source field" of the field set in the [Client company name field], it is necessary to set the "prohibit duplicate values" setting. If it is difficult to set the "prohibit duplicate values" setting, please prepare a field with the "prohibit duplicate values" setting separately for linking.

7 Business partner name field code: Select the field where the business partner name is registered (sales). If you are using the Sales Support Pack, please select "Contact Person Name")

  1. Click "Save" button after setting above.

After setting the login name, password, domain and app ID, the field code list will be retrieved automatically, and you can select by search target, retrieve target phone number field code, customer name field code and contact person name field code.

  • After a call is ended by MiiTel Phone, it will search for the phone number in the field you entered in the "Phone Number Field Code" and automatically add it to your "Contacts".
  • The phone number will be searched in two ways: without and with a hyphen. If the hyphen is not stored in the correct position, the retrieval may fail.
  • You have set up a lookup that refers to the app set up for kintone activity history integration in the app set up for kintone integration. If you have set up a lookup that refers to the application set up in the kintone activity history integration, the "Business partner company name field" set in kintone integration should be set to "Do not duplicate". If it is difficult to set the "Do Not Duplicate" setting, please prepare a field with the "Do Not Duplicate" setting separately and link it.

How to fix IP address for kintone integration

You can restrict IP addresses by following the configuration steps described in the Cyboze help page.
Please set "" on the screen to enter the IP address to allow access.


https://jp.cybozu .help/general/en/admin/list_security/list_access/ip_restrictions.html

Optional settings: Email notification settings for external linkage errors

If for some reason an error occurs in kintone integration or other external integration, you can receive an error notification email at a pre-defined email address.


For settings, please check "External Linkage Error Email Notification Settings".

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