What is Video bot?

This page provides details about what you can do with the Video bot.

You can automatically upload the recording

The recording will automatically start when a Video bot enters the online meeting. When the recording is completed, it will automatically be uploaded to MiiTel. You can check all uploaded recordings in Video Analytics.

You can integrate MiiTel with Salesforce or kintone to automatically save the recording details to the integrated services.

The setup procedures are different depending on the online meeting service. For more details, check the following pages.

You can automatically invite the Video bot to the meeting you have created on the calendar app

If you integrate with the following calendar apps, a Video bot will automatically be invited to the online meeting (Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom) you have created on the calendar.

You can change the Video bot name

You can easily change the Video bot name.

We recommend you set a name that explains the role or purpose of the Video bot. (With this, all participants will know that the Video bot has joined to record the meeting.)

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