How to change the Salesforce ID for Salesforce integration

This page explains how to change the Salesforce ID that is used for Salesforce integration.


  •   Please change the ID at a time when users are not making calls (E.g. nighttime on weekdays, weekends, etc.)
  •   For this task, you would need to remove the current Salesforce integration and then reintegrate MiiTel with Salesforce. Therefore, before you do this task, please copy the current Salesforce activity history integration settings. (For details, please check step #6.)

How to change the Salesforce ID

  1. Please double-check that users are not making calls while doing this task.
  2. Log out of Salesforce. (If you are logging into multiple Salesforce accounts, make sure that you are logged out from all Salesforce accounts.)
  3. Visit and log in to MiiTel Analytics with the admin user.

  4. Click cog-solid__1_.svg Open MiiTel Admin on the top right of the page.

  5. Click Third Party Integration > Salesforce > Activity history integration tab.
  6. Copy the details of the settings or take a screenshot of the settings (like the image below).


  1. Click Basic settings.
  2. Click Remove integration.


  1. If you see a confirmation message, click Remove integration.
  2. Follow the steps in Step 1: Salesforce Integration - Basic Settings and reintegrate MiiTel and Salesforce.
  3. Follow the steps in Step 2: Salesforce Activity History Integration, and set up the activity history integration.

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