How to use the "Create a Zoom meeting" button

When you create a Zoom meeting directly from Salesforce, the Salesforce event with the recording details will be created automatically.


How to make a Zoom meeting


  1. Click the button you have made from Video Activity History Integration (Zoom integration).
  2. Set the following fields, then click Save.


1topic: Meeting title.

2time: Scheduled start time and end time.

3timezone: Timezone for the time above.

  1. After you create a Zoom meeting, you will see the following screen.



  •   The records will be made after the analysis of the Zoom meeting is completed. (The record will not be created when you make a new Zoom meeting.)

After you finish the Zoom meeting

Once the meeting is finished and the speech recognition is completed, the record with the details of the meeting will be created in Salesforce.


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