Call history - new version

On this page, we'd like to provide you with the details (new features and changes) about the new version of call history. 


How to switch the version of the call history

You can change the version by clicking on Switch to new Call History or Switch to old Call History from the top right of MiiTel Analytics.


Search fields

We have added the following search fields in Search option.


1You can set the period.

2You can search with multiple call types (if you set multiple call types, you can search by OR).

3You can exclude the call memos.

4You can set the keywords.

Skip forward your call recording for five seconds

You can skip forward your call recording for five seconds.


Number of fillers (Operator)

The number of times the user has said the fillers (ex. hm, umm, etc) can now be checked on Speech evaluation.

*This feature is only available for Japanese calls.


Changes to the name of the audio file

The name of the audio file you can download from Operation > Audio file download has been changed. The name of the audio file you've downloaded from the new call history will be the code after "/calls/" in the call history URL. (For the image below, the code in the red box will be the new file name.)


Changes to the card


1Seconds are included in the dial start time.

2Both the caller and receiver's phone numbers are included.

Changes to the data for the history of transferred calls


The cards of the user who transferred the call and the user who received the transferred call are now displayed in descending order of call start time. You can also see the user name of the receiver and the extension number of both users.

Changes to the URL for the history of transferred calls

The URL (sequence ID) for the history of transferred calls will differ for the new call history (preview version) and the old call history.

Old: https://<company ID>

New: https://<company ID>


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