Dashboard - Table

In the Table of the dashboard, you can check the total number of calls and scores for each user. You can also check the data by day, week, and month.


  • If you click the user name, you can check the user's call histories.


  • If you click the value of the call memo or keywords on the table, you can check the call histories narrowed down by the following conditions.
    • The user on the row you clicked.
    • Call memo or keyword for the value you clicked.
    • Conditions you have set in the filtering conditions. (Only the search fields of the call history will be applied.)


  • You can select the display fields from Display field in the top right. You can also add the call memo, keyword, and call duration for the display fields.


  • The data in the table is displayed in colors by the following conditions.
    • Green: the data is at least 20% higher than the average or median
    • Red: the data is at least 20% lower than the average or median
  • You can download the aggregation results (by the users and days) in CSV format by clicking CSV Download in the top right.


  •   The following call histories will not be included in the Table.

・ Call histories that were deleted from the call history or the call history list.

・ Call histories that are set to be excluded from aggregation.

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