Announcement: Beeper sound to be added on MiiTel Phone

Due to a change in the data transmission method following the new configuration that complies with the guidelines of the competent authority, a new beeper sound will be added before starting calls on MiiTel Phone.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Support.

Expected schedule of the update

May 10th, 2022 (Tues) - May 21st, 2022 (Sat) *tentative


A new beeper sound will be heard before starting an incoming or outgoing call using the MiiTel Phone.

This sound will be heard by the person the MiiTel user is calling.

After the sound is played, you can start with the conversation on the phone.

Users who may be affected

Customers in Japan using phone numbers that start with 03, 06, etc.  (Phone numbers that start with 050, 0120, 0800 will not have this sound added to their phone.)

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