How to check the Zoom recording (Video Analytics)

The Zoom meeting you have recorded by Cloud recording can be checked in Video Analytics of MiiTel Analytics.

Check the recording on MiiTel Analytics

  1. Log in to MiiTel Analytics and click Video Analytics __________2021-01-19_14.02.40.png .
  2. Search the recording you want to check by choosing the period (displayed on the left) or clicking Search option and entering the necessary information.


<Search option>


  1. Like this image below as an example, you can check the speech recognition and voice analysis results.


1Title of the Zoom meeting

2Date/time, total recording time, and participants of the meeting

3Add call memos. (For details on how to create call memos, please go to Call memo.)

4The history of the recordings for the meeting (If you've done the recording more than once during the meeting, you will see multiple tabs.)

5Change the name of the meeting (topic) or delete the recording from here.

6Enter comments for the playback of the meeting. If you click this button at the playback point where you want to enter a comment, the playback time will be included in the comment.

7Download the recording. (mp4 format)

8The parts and ratio of each participant who spoke during the meeting will be displayed by the percentage. You can also see parts where multiple participants spoke simultaneously and where no participants spoke anything. (You can click on the colored part on each bar to play the recording from that time.)

9Conversations of the meeting are transcribed by speech recognition (without fillers).

  • Only the conversations during the recording will be transcribed.
  • Speech recognition may not work for proper nouns, uncommon words (ex: company terms), and fast/unclear conversations.
  • The conversations from users who changed their names during the meeting may not have their speech analyzed.

10The participants who made a speech will be displayed. If the speaker is incorrect, you can click the name in the transcript to change the speaker.

If speakers are displayed as guests like guest01, please change the settings of the Cloud recording. Log into Zoom (, then go to Settings > Recordings > and check both Record audio-only files and Record a separate audio file of each participant. After making these settings, the speaker will be identified from the next meeting.

11The total number of silences and overlaps that occurred during the meeting

12Each participant's voice evaluation (score)

13The mentioned keywords and the time when the keywords were spoken during the meeting

14Enter free comments about the recording.

15The history of all chats received during the cloud recording

  • Even if you delete the recording on Video Analytics, the recording will still be saved on Zoom Cloud.
  • Even if you delete the recording on Zoom Cloud, the recording will still be saved on Video Analytics.
  • For recordings that are 8 hours or longer, you won't be able to check the speech recognition and voice analysis, but you can still play them on Video Analytics.
  • The unknown in the talk ratio shows where the speaker could not be identified, including its percentage during the meeting.

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