New Dashboard

We have made some updates for the dashboard and the user summary.

With the new dashboard (preview version), you can set more conditions and analyze the results with more specific data. Also, you can compare the data with different conditions with the new dashboard.

Prior to the update, the trial version of the new dashboard will be available from February 7th, 2022 (Mon).

How to switch the dashboard

Click New dashboard on the top right of the dashboard screen to see the new dashboard. If you want to go back to the old dashboard, click Old dashboard.


Types of dashboard

There are four types of dashboards, which are Overview, Table, Comparison, and Word frequency (beta). You can access them by the tabs located on the top left of the screen. 


Filtering conditions

You can set the filter of the conditions on the right side of the screen. The results of the conditions will be reflected in all tabs.



You can check the data of calls, compare the data by time and day of the week, see the number of call memos, analytics results, and more.



You can check the total number of calls and scores for each user. You can also check the results by each day. The default setting of this table is the history of all users in the past 30 days. If you wish to change the conditions of this table, you can change the settings from Filtering conditions


In the table, the colors are reflected by the following.

  • Green: 20% higher than the average or median of the data.
  • Red: 20% lower than the average or median of the data. 


You can set the period, user, call types, and others from filtering conditions to check the difference of the data like call duration, score, and more.


Word frequency (beta)

Word frequency (beta) can also be displayed by the new filtering conditions.


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