Release Note 2022

August 4

We've released the keyword feature. With this feature, you can easily check keywords that were mentioned during phone calls or online meetings. For more details, please check Keyword settings.

July 7

  • The old dashboard is no longer available on MiiTel Analytics.
  • The topic feature (beta) has been added to Video Analytics to visualize when and what was discussed in the meeting (Currently, this feature is only available in Japanese.).

July 4

You can now receive and answer incoming calls by using Salesforce Flow as a pop-up on Salesforce. For details on how to set up, please check Pop-up feature in Salesforce (Lightning Experience).

June 30

Video activity history integration has been released. With this feature, the URL of your Zoom recordings saved in Video Analytics, start and end time of Zoom meetings, speech recognition results, and call memos can be created as an event on Salesforce. For more details, please check Video Activity History Integration (MiiTel for Zoom).

June 29

You can now save keywords to the categories: Neutral, Positive, and Negative. For more details, please check Announcement: New updates to the keyword feature.


June 23

On Video Analytics, you can now download the recording of the Zoom meeting.


June 16

  • We have updated the video upload feature for MiiTel for Zoom. You can now upload multiple files at once. For more details, please check Updates to video upload feature for MiiTel for Zoom.
  • Separate audio recording can now be enabled from MiiTel for Zoom settings screen if you meet all of the following conditions.
    • You are using a Zoom Pro, Business, or Enterprise account for Zoom integration.
    • Separate audio recording is disabled for your Zoom account.

June 13

We have released MiiTel Phone Mobile v01.19.05 for Android to perform maintenance to add new features in the future.

June 9

We have released MiiTel for Salesforce ver 1.2.0. On Salesforce, you can now change the playback speed of your MiiTel recordings.

June 7

The history section of Video Analytics (Beta) has been updated.

June 1

We have released MiiTel Phone Mobile v.01.19.04 for Android (improved internal processing).

May 30

We have released MiiTel Phone Mobile v02.00.01 for iOS to resolve the issues of outgoing calls by the mobile network.

May 24

  • Test call feature has been added on MiiTel Phone.


  • You can now check the speaker and microphone settings on MiiTel Phone.


  • You can now set pop-ups to open the Visualforce page when you receive calls on MiiTel Phone for Salesforce.

May 13

You can now integrate into Salesforce by authentication with your Salesforce ID. For more details, please check Step 1: Salesforce Integration - Basic Settings.


April 21

The following features are now available in Video Analytics (Beta).

  • Speech recognition without fillers 
  • Call memo


April 19

We have released MiiTel Phone Desktop v.2.0.6 with the renewed certificate (modified the English GUI). 

April 18

  • We have released MiiTel Chrome extension v2.1.2.
  • From now, you can disconnect MiiTel and HubSpot on MiiTel Admin. See "HubSpot 連携解除方法" for more details. 

April 14

  • We have released MiiTel Chrome Extension v.2.1.1.

March 30

The name of users who made or received a call is now displayed on MiiTel Phone's Call history screen.


March 24

Zoom icon is now displayed on the User list page.


March 17

The following message will be displayed on MiiTel Phone when a phone number hasn't been set to the user. You can click [ x ] to clear the message.


March 3

We have released MiiTel Phone Mobile iOS v.01.27.03 (improved internal processing).

March 28

We have released MiiTel Phone Mobile Android v.01.19.01 (improved internal processing).

February 24

You can now disable Amazon S3 integration in MiiTel Admin.


February 22

  • Previously, when adding call memos after calls, you needed to click the search box to display the call memo list. From now, you don't need to click the search box to see the call memo list on MiiTel Phone.


  • The design of MiiTel Phone (wide mode) button has been changed.

Feb_21_a.png  Feb_21_b.png

February 9

  • The design of the mute and hold buttons has been changed.
    • Mute
      • Before: ON Screen_Shot_2022-02-03_at_11.57.11.png OFF Screen_Shot_2022-02-03_at_11.56.14.png
      • After: ON Screen_Shot_2022-02-03_at_11.56.59.png OFF Screen_Shot_2022-02-03_at_11.57.11.png
    • Hold
      • Before: ON Screen_Shot_2022-02-03_at_12.02.34.png OFF Screen_Shot_2022-02-03_at_12.01.52.png
      • After: ON Screen_Shot_2022-02-03_at_12.02.14.png OFF Screen_Shot_2022-02-03_at_12.01.52.png

February 7

  • The results of the Sentiment analysis are now displayed on the Call History. For more information, please see "感情認識" (currently only available for the Japanese version).
  • From today, the preview version of the new Dashboard and User Summary is available. For more information, please see New Dashboard.


February 2

  • We have released MiiTel Phone Desktop v.2.0.5. with a new logo.


  • We have released MiiTel Phone Mobile iOS v.01.27.01, which supports IPv6 single-stack.

February 1

The phone feature menu on MiiTel Analytics and MiiTel Admin will not be displayed to customers who only use MiiTel for Zoom.

January 7

In the search option of Video Analytics (Beta), you can now choose not to show meetings that have not been recorded.


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