How to upload your recordings to MiiTel Analytics


You can upload the mp4 files that are downloaded from Zoom's local recording, Meet, Teams, and WebEx to Video Analytics of MiiTel Analytics. If you upload the video, you can check the video's recording, speech recognition, and voice evaluation on MiiTel Analytics.

  1. Click Video Analytics.
  2. Click Upload Videos.


  1. Choose or drag and drop files.


  •  The maximum file size limit for uploading one file is 5GB.
  •   For recordings that are at 8 hours or longer, you can upload and play them on Video Analytics, but you won't be able to check the speech recognition and voice analysis.
  •   On Video Analytics, you can analyze video files up to the recording time according to your contract. For example, according to your contract, the total recording time is 100 hours. 100 hours are equal to the sum of the time of Zoom's cloud recording and the recording time of the mp4 file.
  1. Enter the details of the video, then click Save.


1Video File: Upload the mp4 file here.

2Room name: Enter the title of the video. (The title will be displayed on Video Analytics.)

3Start Datetime: Set the date and time of the online meeting. (The date/time will be displayed on Video Analytics.)

4Participant: Set the MiiTel user name of the person who joined the online meeting. (Only users who have permission to use Zoom integration can be selected.)

5Number of guest: Set the number of guests here.

After you set Number of guest, that number of guests will be displayed on the list like the image below (if you set it as 3, guests will display as "guest01", "guest02", and "guest03"). The MiiTel user name in Participant will also display on the list as you can select the name of the person who spoke the quote.


The files you manually upload will be shown as the following icon in Video Analytics.



  •   Please note that if you make a mistake on the settings of the Participant and Number of guest, the following errors will occur.

・ The number of participants displayed in the voice evaluation will be different from the actual number of participants.

・ The value on the guest names (guest(xx)), which you can select the speaker for each speech balloon in Speech recognition, will not match the actual number of guests.


  •   The chat history of the Zoom meeting recordings (which you've uploaded by these instructions) will not be uploaded to Video Analytics.

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