How to manually create the MiiTel activity history to Salesforce


  •   To use this feature, you must have both the basic settings of Salesforce integration and activity history integration set up.
  •   Before creating the activity history in Salesforce, please check whether another process such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is not the trigger of Salesforce activity history registration or check if your network environment can safely conduct the other process.

You can manually create a MiiTel activity history to the Salesforce record that includes the matching phone number for phone calls made before the Salesforce activity history integration was set up. This activity history will contain the information of all fields set in the Salesforce activity history integration.


How to manually create the activity history


  •  After you conduct this step, you will not be able to retrieve contacts for 15 seconds. Also, this registration is done per tenant, so if one user conducts this step, other users will not be able to retrieve contacts for 15 seconds.
  •  The call history that is already made in Salesforce will not be included in the registration.
  •  If you fail to create the activity history manually, please check the below.
  • Check if there are any errors in the third-party integration error log.
  • Check if the Salesforce activity history link is displayed in the call history. If it is displayed, the MiiTel activity history has already been created in Salesforce and cannot be created again, which results in an error.
  • If an error is displayed when you conducted the operation for canceled calls or missed calls, check if the MiiTel activity history that corresponds with the Salesforce record is created on Salesforce.
  • Check if the phone number is displayed in a standard field.
  • Check if any other users created the activity history at the same time (How to check the operation history of the activity history)

How to check the operation history of the activity history

  1. Log in to MiiTel Admin.
  2. Click Security > Audit Log.
  3. Set Call history in Operation. After clicking "+" on the log, you can check the following details.
    Executed at: Time when the activity history was manually created
    Operation: Operation details (if contact details were retrieved, it would be displayed as "Call history/Update")
    Old properties: ID of the call history created in Salesforce (after the URL domain of the call history)
    New properties: ID of the Salesforce record that created the call history and the ID of the call history created on Salesforce
    User: Username who conducted the operation
    IP address
    : IP address of the user who conducted the operation


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