How to retrieve contacts from Salesforce

If Salesforce integration is not set up, your contact information in the call history (from your phone calls) will not be reflected in the Salesforce record. (They will also not be added to Contacts in MiiTel Analytics.) For this case, Unknown company and Unknown contact will be displayed on Call History and Call History List. If you set it to retrieve contacts from Salesforce, you can retrieve Salesforce records that match the phone numbers in the call history. Also, your contact information will be reflected in Contacts and the call history.



How to retrieve contacts


  •   After you conduct this step, you will not be able to retrieve contacts for 15 seconds. Also, this registration is done per tenant, so if one user conducts this step, other users will not be able to retrieve contacts for 15 seconds.
  •   If you fail to retrieve contacts, please check the below.

How to check the operation history for the actions of retrieving contacts

  1. Log in to MiiTel Admin.
  2. Click Security > Audit Log.
  3. Set Contacts in Operation. After clicking "+" on the log, you can check the following details.
    Executed at: Time when the contact was retrieved
    Operation: Operation details (if contact details were retrieved, it would be displayed as "Contact/Update")
    Old properties / New properties: ID of the retrieved Salesforce record
    User: Username who conducted the operation
    IP address:
    IP address of the user who conducted the operation


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