Click to Call setting for MiiTel Phone Desktop

You can use MiiTel Phone Desktop to make a Click to Call with each application that supports callto://, tel://, and miitel:// with the following settings.

When you create a link with the format miitel:<Phone Number> or miitel://<Phone Number> in each application, the link would be converted to allow MiiTel to start automatically and make calls.
For example, a link to call a phone number of 0344054621,  create the link miitel:0344054621 or miitel://0344054621.
You can also create a link in the format tel:<Phone Number>, tel://<Phone Number>, callto:<Phone Number>, or callto://<Phone Number>, but this may require additional configuration. If the outgoing call fails, please configure the following protocol handler.

Settings for outgoing calls using tel:// and callto:// protocol handlers

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