MiiTel Open API (Beta)

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This API lets you export the information of the CSV file (e.g., time of the call, phone number, analysis, call memo, etc.), which can be downloaded from the call history list.

You can include call times, scores, call memos, and more in your system or the self-developed CRM to analyze the data.


  •  The queue that you created will be displayed on Storage.
  •  You cannot export information that is not listed in the CSV of the call history list.
  •  You can select up to a maximum of 31 days at once.
  •  You can request up to 50 times per day.
  •  After the file is generated, the information will be exported. The updated version will not be reflected in real-time.

Details of the Open API

  • Auth: Authentication feature for the execution of each API.
  • QueueStorage: Feature that manages asynchronous processes as the queue, like creating a CSV file of the call history.
    • listQueue: List of a queue
    • createQueue: Create the queue
    • retrieveQueue: Receive the queue
    • destroyQueue: Delete the queue
    • exportQueueFile: Export the file

How to use

This video explains how to use various APIs and the order of the Call.

<Example from POSTMAN> *English video will be available soon.


  •   If you wish to check the specification documents about the MiiTel Open API (beta), please go to the following URL. ([Company ID] should be replaced with your organization's Company ID.)
    https://[Company ID].miitel.jp/openapi/index.html

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