Zoom integration: There is no recordings displayed in Video Analytics

If you cannot find your Zoom meeting recordings in Video Analytics of MiiTel Analytics, try following the procedures described on this page to solve the problem.

No integration with Zoom

Please follow the instructions below to check if the integration with Zoom is set up correctly.

  1. Visit https://account.miitel.jp/v1/signin.
  2. Click the user name at the top right of MiiTel Analytics.
  3. Click Personal Settings.


  1. If Disconnect Zoom from MiiTel is displayed, then you are connected to Zoom. 


Check if the cloud recording was completed

Only the recordings that were cloud recorded by Zoom can be viewed in the Video Analytics.

Follow the instructions below to check if you can find the recording on Zoom's cloud recordings page.

  1. Go to https://zoom.us/recording.
  2. Log in with the Zoom account you used for the online meeting.
  3. Click Cloud Recordings from Recordings, and search for the online meeting with its ID or time period.


  1. If you cannot find the recordings from the history in Cloud Recordings, there could be a possibility that the meeting was not recorded. If the recording is saved in Cloud Recordings but you cannot find the recording in Video Analytics, please contact us and provide us with a screenshot.


  •  If you see the message "Your IT admin has disabled the access to your recording page, you can contact IT admin for more details.", contact your Zoom administrator and check if you have access permissions to the cloud recording.

You recorded an online meeting with a Zoom account that was not integrated with MiiTel

When you recorded the online meeting, you may have logged in with a Zoom account that was not integrated with MiiTel. If you have more than one Zoom account, please log in to https://zoom.us/recording with each account and check if the recording is in Cloud Recordings.

If there is a recording in one of the accounts, but you cannot see the recording in Video Analytics, it is likely that the account is not integrated with Zoom.

If necessary, disable the current integration, and integrate Zoom with the proper Zoom account.

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