Different user is registered in ToDo (Not the person who made or received the call)

If the integration to Salesforce is developed, MiiTel call history will be created in ToDo. If the Salesforce account name of the actual user (person who made or received the call) is not registered in the "Assigned to" section of MiiTel call history, please check this page for details to solve this error.


The call type in the call history is "Incoming call (No answer)"

If the call type in the call history is Incoming call (No answer) or Answering machine, the Salesforce user name in the basic settings of Salesforce integration will be registered in "Assigned To" in ToDo.

The user is not linked to the Salesforce account

Please confirm from the following instructions to determine if the Salesforce users are linked to the MiiTel user who is not listed in the Assigned To section. In the MiiTel call history of a user with no Salesforce settings set, the Salesforce username used for Salesforce integration will be registered in the Assigned To section.

  1. Log in to MiiTel Admin with an account that has an administrator role.
  2. Click Third-Party Integration > Salesforce.
  3. Click Activity history assignee tab.
  4. Search the Salesforce account name that is not listed in Assigned To section.
  5. Click Edit.
  6. If none of the MiiTel accounts are set up, or the wrong MiiTel account is set up as a linked user, click Select users to add box and select an appropriate user name.
  7. Click Add > Save


If the Salesforce usernames are not displayed after clicking Select users to add box, please check if the Salesforce basic settings and Salesforce activity history integration have been completed. Also, please check the third-party integration error log as there may be an integration error may be displayed after the integration.

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