[Notice] Change of the specification of the status function

Effective Thursday, January 21, 2020 If you set your MiiTel Phone to "Away" and "In Post-Processing" status, we will change it to maintain the "Away" and "In Post-Processing" status until the user clicks "Back to Standby". ("Away" and "In Post-Processing" statuses are maintained without automatically reverting to "Waiting" status.)

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Sphere of Influence</h3

The following MiiTel Phone customers</p

  • MiiTel Phone Chrome Extension</li
  • MiiTel Phone Desktop</li
  • MiiTel Phone Web</li
  • MiiTel Phone for Salesforce</li
  • MiiTel Phone for HubSpot</li
  • JS Widgets
  • .


Specification Change Details</h3

The "Away" and "In Post-Processing" statuses configured in MiiTel Phone will not revert to "Waiting" status until the user clicks "Return to Waiting" to maintain the configured status. However, it will not return to the "Waiting" status until the user clicks the "Return to Waiting" button.


Before After change
Sometimes automatically revert to "Waiting" status Does not automatically revert, but maintains "away" and "in post-processing" status until explicitly changed by the user
As a result of this change, if you exit MiiTel Phone while in "Away" or "Postponing" status, you will still be in "Away" or "Postponing" status. Please be aware of this. </div

Reasons for the change

Reasons for the change

Reasons for the change

To prevent users from getting a different status than intended due to network disconnection


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