Share recordings by specifying where to start playback

When sharing a recording within your company, you can specify the start time of playback and share it.


Specify the playback time of the recording to be shared

  1. MiITel Analytics on [Conversation History (Beta)] __________2021-01-08_17.11.29.png.
  2. Click the conversation history you want to share.
  3. In the "Comment" field, enter the start time of the recording you want to share as "0:00". If necessary, you can also enter a comment about the playback range.
  4. After entering the information, click "Register".

How to share

Each comment you register will be assigned a unique URL. If the comment contains a play start time, opening the URL will play the comment from the specified play start time.

  1. Click "Share" at the bottom of the registered comment.

  1. Click Copy to Clipboard and paste it into an email, chat, etc. to share the URL.

Click on the URL to open MiiTel Analytics. As such, it can only be shared with users who have a MiiTel account.

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