Word Frequency Report (beta)

The Word Frequency Report (Beta) allows you to aggregate the characteristic words frequently uttered by MiiTel users in your organization by time period, user, phone number, and more.
These results can be used to analyze user habits, analyze and visualize the talk of top performers, and It can also be used as a reference for keyword registration.

In the Word Frequency Report, the response history to be included follows the retention period of the response history. The default is the end of the month following the month in which the history was created (e.g. April 1 - 30 will be reflected in the report until May 31) If you wish to store your calls in MiiTel Analytics for a longer period of time, you will need to subscribe to the Big Data Pack. For more information, please contact your sales representative or Support.

Here's an introduction to each of the reports you'll see in the Word Frequency Report (Beta).


Setting aggregation conditions

report 2.png

1 Aggregation period : Set the period to be aggregated

2 Call type : Set the call type to be aggregated


3 User Name : Set the user to be aggregated (multiple settings are possible)

4 Phone Number : Set the source or destination phone number (Only one number can be set. (Only one number can be set, either with or without a hyphen.

5 Answer Memo : Set to filter or exclude the history with a specific answer memo


Frequent Word Ranking

You can check the top 300 most frequently occurring words.


report 1.png

1 Frequent Words : Frequently used words (top 300 words in the score) under the specified aggregation conditions

2 Score : 100 points for the most characteristic word. Normally, the more responses that contain the word, the higher the score. However, words that are included in a large number of responses, such as "say" and "think", will have a lower score.


3 Frequency : Number of responses in which the word was used under the specified aggregation conditions

4 User or Client : You can switch between User and Client to check the frequent words for each

__________2020-12-21 _14.08.18.png
If icon.png is displayed, over the cursor to see what percentage of the response history it was calculated from).
Frequently Used Words Word Cloud

The most frequently used words are displayed in large font size. Use the buttons at the top right of the box to switch between users and business partners to see the most frequently used words for each.

report 4.png

__________2020-12-21 _14.08.32.png
If icon.png is displayed, over the cursor to see what percentage of the response history it was calculated from).
Word Frequency Trends

You can check the daily trend of the number of responses that contain the three words you set in a line graph.

report 3.png

1 User or Client : Switch between User and Client and check the word frequency trends for each


2 Set words : Set 3 words that you want to check the transition from the top 300 words of the score under specified aggregation conditions


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