How to set up MiiTel for Zoom

If you set up MiiTel for Zoom, the recording of the Zoom meeting can be played in Video Analytics, which is available on MiiTel Analytics. Also, the audio transcript will be available from the recording, which can allow you to evaluate the user's conversation skills.

  • You can set up MiiTel for Zoom with Zoom's basic plan, but you will need to manually upload the recordings to Video Analytics.
  • You cannot use a Zoom account that is already integrated with another MiiTel account.
  • In order to use MiiTel for Zoom, you would need to subscribe separately to MiiTel for Zoom. For more information, please contact your sales representative or Support.
  • Users would need to receive permission to use MiiTel for Zoom. Please see here for details.

How to set up MiiTel for Zoom

  1. Click Personal Settings __________2021-01-14_12.16.37.png in MiiTel Analytics.
  2. Click Integrate Zoom and MiiTel.


  1. Sign in to Zoom.
If you see the message "You cannot authorize MiiTel for Zoom", please check If you can't integrate MiiTel and Zoom ("You cannot authorize MiiTel for Zoom" is displayed) to solve the problem.
  1. Check Allow this app to use my shared access permissions.
  2. Click Authorize.


  1. MiiTel Analytics will automatically open. If you see the message below, you have completed setting up MiiTel for Zoom.


You can only integrate one MiiTel user for each Zoom account. Therefore, if you integrate to a Zoom account that is already integrated, the originally integrated MiiTel user will be removed from this integration. (As a reference, please see the message below in the yellow box.)


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