How to use MiiTel Phone Mobile

If you are considering or have used

MiiTel Phone Mobile, please have the following environment ready If you are considering using or have used MiiTel Phone Mobile, please prepare the following environment.


Smartphone OS


iOS: 11 or later (iPhone / iPod touch / iPad)

  • iOS13, 13.1.1, 13.1.2, and 13.1.3 are deprecated.
  • As of v1.8.0, we are no longer supporting iOS 10. Please upgrade your OS and MiiTel if you are using iOS 10, although you can continue to use your installed apps.
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    Android: 6.0 or later (Android devices that allow apps to be installed from Google Play)

    Guideline for data usage


    A one-minute call on MiiTel Phone Mobile will use approximately 2 MB of data.

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