Before you get started with MiiTel Phone Mobile

If you are using or thinking of using MiiTel Phone Mobile, check this page and prepare the following network environments.

Supported OS versions

  • iOS:
    • 15 and after
      (Up to three major OS versions including the latest major version as of January of each year will be supported.)
  • Android
    The required OS version depends on the version of MiiTel Phone Mobile for Android you are using.
    • v. 3.0.0 or later: Android 10.0 or later
    • Earlier than v. 3.0.0: Android 10.0 or later 

Supported app versions


  • MiiTel Phone Mobile for iOS 02.02.00 or later


  • MiiTel Phone Mobile for Android 02.02.00 or later

Approximate amount of data usage

One minute of a phone call from MiiTel Phone Mobile uses about 2 MB of data.

Permission settings for using Wi-Fi

If you will use MiiTel Phone Mobile with Wi-Fi, we recommend you change the permission settings. Please see below for details.

  • We recommend not using the proxy server (including products like L7 firewall and Web filtering) because it can lead to a delay in the voice communication.
    If you don't have any other choice but to use the proxy server, set the following domains by MiiTel to not go through the proxy server. Also, you can try setting the following domains in the proxy whitelist. (We recommend you do a test call to check if there are no issues with the sound.)
    (If you want to change the settings by the IP address, please contact us.)

      • *
      • *
  • Please also check if the following protocols and ports are enabled.
      • 443/TCP
      • 65061/TCP (If you use MiiTel Phone Mobile v3.0.0 or earlier)
      • 16384–32767/UDP
      • iOS: 5223/TCP
      • Android: 5228/TCP, 5229/TCP, 5230/TCP

MiiTel Analytics

You will not be able to use some of the features in MiiTel Analytics from the smartphone version of Google Chrome or Safari.

Additional information

  • The 4G/5G mobile internet can be faster and more stable than Wi-Fi.
  • If you are on a phone call on MiiTel Phone Mobile, which was started by Wi-Fi, and move to an area where the Wi-Fi does not reach, please note that the app will not automatically switch to 4G/5G mobile internet, and your call can get disconnected.
  • Since MiiTel Phone Mobile is an app that is supported by Apple and Google, you may experience some delays in the services due to the network environment or other reasons, and please note that there is no guarantee for receiving 100% of the phone calls. Therefore, we recommend you also use the PC version of MiiTel services (MiiTel Phone Desktop, MiiTel Phone Chrome Extension, MiiTel Phone for Salesforce) with MiiTel Phone Mobile.
  • Please note that the sound quality can be low when using Bluetooth devices (headsets, earphones, etc.). 
  • If you are also using the MDM (mobile device management) services, please check with the administrator of the MDM in your organization to see if MDM is not affected negatively by MiiTel Phone Mobile.
  • Please ensure that you have enough mobile data per month for your smartphone compared to your expected time on phone calls. (One minute of a phone call from MiiTel Phone Mobile uses approximately 2 MB of data.)

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