Setting up incoming calls using IVR (Automatic Voice Recognition)

You can set up IVR (Automatic Voice Response) to play a voice message such as "For English speaker, press 2 . For English speaker, press 2 ."

You can set up an IVR (Automatic Voice Response) function that allows the caller to select a number.

  • A separate contract is required to use this function. Please contact your sales representative or MiiTel Support for more information.
  • You must be logged in to MiiTel Analytics with an account that has administrator privileges in order to configure this setting.
  • Please prepare an audio file of the voice guidance you wish to use.

Setting procedure

Step 1 : Upload the voice guidance audio file


First, upload the voice file you want to use to MiiTel Analytics.

  1. Log in to MiiTel Analytics with an administrator account and click [Settings] __________2019-10-01_18.33.51.png.
  2. Click "Sound Management" and configure as follows.

GIF_ IVR.gif

1 Click [+ Create new sound]


2 Click "Select File" and choose the audio file to upload


3 Click "Save"


Step 2 : Configure IVR in Incoming Call Rules Settings


Next, we will configure the incoming call rules using IVR with the uploaded voice file.

Here we will show you how to set up incoming calls to each assigned group by selecting a number according to the voice guidance.


  • Click [Incoming Call Rules Management].
  • Click [+ Create New Incoming Rule] and enter the "Incoming Rule Name" and "Description".
  • IVR4.png

    1. Next, set the "action 1" as follows.
      Action : Play a sound and accept a button from the user
      File name : Set the audio file to use
    2. .


    1. Set the following for each number selected by the caller in "Button Input 1".
    2. .


    1 Button Input : Set the button number to be inputted


    2 Action : Set "Ring all users in the group"


    3 Group name : group name which registered users to receive incoming call. self">group name where you registered the user to receive incoming calls


    4 Call duration (seconds) : Set the number of seconds to call the user in the set group

    1. Click [Add Button Input] and set 1~ 4 above.
    2. After setting the actions for the numbers to be guided by voice guidance, click [Save].
    You can also combine multiple IVRs.

    Step 3 : Set when to use the created incoming call rules


    Set up when to apply the incoming call rules created in the above steps to the incoming calls that come in on which days of the week and at which times of the day. You can also set a specific date such as the end of the year or the beginning of the year or the Bon Festival.

    1. Click "Filter Management" and then click "+ Create New Filter".

    1. Set the following and click "Save".


    1 Set the phone number to which you want to apply the filter and incoming call rule


    2 Set the incoming call rule name to use


    3 Set the day of the week to apply the incoming call rule set to 2


    4 Set the time of day to apply the incoming call rule set in 2 with "Start Time" and "End Time"

    • If you want the incoming call rule to apply to a specific date, set the appropriate date to "year", "month", and "day".
      __________2020- 11-02_12.42.45.png
    • If you want the incoming call rule to apply only to a specific time of day on a specific date or day of the week, set the "start time" and "end time".
      __________2020- 11-02_12.43.38.png

    Step 4 : Sort the filters


    Filters are applied in the order shown below, starting from the top, and if an incoming call does not match the day of the week, time of day, or other condition set in the top filter, go to the second filter, then the third, and so on. If none of the filters apply, the MiiTel Phone will not ring and you must set the filters in the correct order to ensure no omissions.

    This time, as set in "2. Filter Settings (Set when to run incoming rules)", filters with the "Apply on holidays" checkbox are

    The filter with "Apply to holidays" checked will be placed at the top of the list.

    For example

    For example, suppose you have three filters as shown below, and an incoming call comes on a Monday, which is a public holiday. In the case of the figure below, the filter "Monday to Friday 9:00 ~ 18:59" is set at the top, so it corresponds to the condition of Monday and filter A is applied. As a result, even if an incoming call comes in on a holiday, the third filter C is not applied. Therefore, the filter with the "Apply to holidays" checkbox must be set to the highest level.

    Also, filters with a limited time period, such as filters with a specific date, should be set at the top, and lined up so that they are applied at the appropriate time.

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