seat map

On the Seat Map screen, you can check the availability of each user in the actual seating arrangement. Multiple seat maps can be created for each department or day of the week to display seating arrangements.

  1. Click icon.png on the left side of the screen. on the left of the screen.
  2. .
  3. Enter a center name and click the "Create" button.


  1. Click the Edit Sheet button at the top right of the screen, then click the Add New Sheet button.
  2. Drag the displayed green square (seat) to the appropriate position and click the "Place" button.
  3. Set the following details for the seat you are creating.
    Seat Number : Set the number that identifies the seat (both single-byte and double-byte alphanumeric characters are available)
    Seat Type : Select either "Alternating" or "Fixed"
    Occupying : When a seat is used by more than one user, for example, during a shift.
    Fixed: Used when each user has a fixed seat
    Operator: Set the name of the user who will use the seat to be created
  4. .
  5. Click [Save seat as above].
  6. Similarly create the appropriate number of sheets and click "Finish Setup" when you are done.

*The "Seating Type" [Alternating] is currently not available.

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