Seat map

On the seat map screen, you can check the work status of each user by their actual seating location. You can also create different seat maps for each department or each day of the week.

  Permissions or subscriptions required

  • To use this feature, you would need to subscribe to a separate contract. For more details, please contact your sales representative or customer success.
  • You would need to be permitted to use MiiTel Call Center.
  1. Log in to MiiTel Analytics and click user-headset-solid__1_.svg Open MiiTel Call Center.
  2. Click the Seat map tab.
  3. Click Create a seat map or click the seat map name located on the top left and click Create a seat map.
  4. Set the following fields.

スクリーンショット 2023-12-20 10.20.17.png

Name: Enter the seat map name.

Number of seats: Enter the number of seats you want to display on the seat map.

  1. Click Add.
  2. Click the icon located on the top right of the seat.


  1. Select the user you want to assign to the seat and click Change.


  1. Use the editing tool to move the seats or add a new area to organize the seats.


  1. Click Save, located on the top right.

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