Edit the speech recognition results

You can manually edit the speech recognition results, especially for parts where the transcription did not work successfully. Editing the results can be useful in creating accurate meeting minutes.

Edit the speech recognition results

  1. Visit https://account.miitel.jp/v1/signin and log in to MiiTel Analytics.
  2. Click headphones-solid__1_.svg Call History.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to check the speech recognition results.
  4. Click pen-to-square-solid__1_.svg [Edit] on the speech bubble which you want to edit.  


  1. After you finish editing, click Save


  1. The speech bubble you edited will be displayed as (edited).



  •   You can also listen to the audio as your guide to edit the speech recognition results.


  •   If you click pen-to-square-solid__1_.svg [Edit] on the results that were edited in the past, you can check the editing history easily. You can also check the original and revised version of the speech recognition results from the Audit Log.


  •   The revised speech recognition results will be reflected in Speech recognition and Speech recognition (Without fillers). (The revisions will not be reflected in the Speech recognition (Summary).) 
  •   The revisions will also not be reflected in the Speech recognition (Without fillers) described in Salesforce activity history's comment.
  •   On the edited speech, you can click Copy to Clipboard__________2020-10-12_10.43.34.pngto copy the URL of the speech and share it with other users easily.


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