Setting to display a specific URL for incoming calls (Incoming popup settings)

You can configure your external web application to open automatically when a call comes in.

If the search results page has a specific pattern URL, you can set the phone number in the insert to search for customers whose phone numbers match the source phone number.

This setting will be reflected on the MiiTel Phone of all users associated with the configured company ID.


How to set up

  • In MiiTel Analytics [Settings] __________2019-10-01_18.33.51.png.
  • Click Softphone Settings.
  • Enter the URL of the page you want to display for incoming calls in "Arrival Page to display for incoming calls".
  • < Example configuration for kintone >

    If you want to search for an incoming call number from within a specific app:
    https://【your kintone domain】/k/search?keyword=<PHONE_NUMBER>&app=【app number to search】

    If you want to search for an incoming number from the entire kintone:
    https://【your kintone domain】/k/search?keyword=<PHONE_NUMBER>


    1. Click the "Save" button.
    If you set the phone number in [insert field], you can search and display the phone numbers registered in the specified page.


    • Please reload your MiiTel Phone if you have made any changes to your settings.
    • If you don't see any incoming pop-ups at the specified URL after configuring the settings, it is likely that your browser is rejecting pop-ups. Click on it and select "Allow Pop-ups and Redirects".


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