Start a Predictive Dialer

For this page, we'd like to explain how to start a predictive dialer you've set up on MiiTel Analytics.

How to start

  1. After you finished setting the predictive dialer, click [▶︎ Start].



  •   If you want to start the predictive dialer which you've created in the past, click Edit > Edit. On the next screen, click [▶︎ Start].


  1. You will see a message saying, "Started."



  •   You can run up to three predictive dialers at the same time.
  •   If you want to stop the predictive dialer, click Cancel.


  •   If you want to continue with the predictive dialer again from where you've stopped on the phone number list, click [▶︎ Restart].


  1. After all phone calls to the phone numbers in the list are finished, the status of the predictive dialer will become Completed.


  1. Lastly, you can check which phone numbers you were able to make the call from the predictive dialer. Click Edit > Edit. You can check the status of the call on the right side of the list.
    check-circle-regular.svg : The phone call was successfully made to the person. (If you click check-circle-regular.svg, you can go to the call history page of this phone call.)
    absence: This person didn't pick up the phone call, or the person picked up the call, but the users were not able to answer.
    Blank: No call was made.



  •   On the call history list, you can also see the history of the predictive dialer. The calls made with the predictive dialer will be displayed as Predictive dialer in User name.


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