[Notice] Change of Scoring

We are making changes to the score formula and definitions to make the speech analysis result scores easier to understand. These changes will be effective on Monday, October 26, 2020.

Specification Changes

Specification Change Implementation Date:
Monday, October 26, 2020

Reasons for specification change:
To eliminate the difference between the recommended score and the default rule, and to enable score operation in line with the actual situation.

Specification changes:

Scope of impact:
1. Changes to the default score setting:
Customers using the default rules
2. Changes to the method of calculating "covered" and "silent" points to be deducted from the score:
All customers
3. Changes to the definition of "rally count":< br>All customers

1. Changes to the default set of scores
Scores displayed in "Miitel Analytics > Response History > Overall Score in the "Overall Score" section will change. This means that the maximum score will now be 100 instead of 11.

Before Change after change Score = 5.0 - (Talk Ratio - 0.5) × 10 + (Covered x -0.5) + (Silence x -0.5)
0.5 points added for 0 sufferings0.5 points added for 0 silences

Highest score: 11 Score = 50 + add/subtract points based on call duration - |Talk Ratio - 40| + (number of times covered per minute x -10) + (number of times silenced per minute x -10) "Add points based on call duration Additional Points Based on Call Duration" Category:
  • Under 5 minutes: +0 points
  • More than 5 minutes but less than 10 minutes: +30 points
  • 10 minutes to 20 minutes: +50 points
  • 20 minutes to 30 minutes: +50 points
  • 30 minutes to 40 minutes: +30 points
  • 40 minutes to 50 minutes : +0 points
  • 50 minutes to less than 60 minutes : -10 points
  • 60 minutes or more: -20 points

Highest score: 100

This is a change to the default rules only. If you are using customized scoring rules, there will be no change.

2. Change in the method of calculating the number of "hits" and "silences" to be deducted in the score
Up until now, points were deducted in proportion to the absolute number of "hits" and "silences".

The following is a list of some of the most important points of the game.
Before Change after change Score reduction proportional to absolute number (Total number of times covered ÷ Total call time (minutes)) × -10 points

(Total number of silences ÷ Total call time (minutes)) × -10 points


3. Change in the definition of "rally count"
Up until now, "the number of sentences that appeared during the call" was counted as the rally count, but after the change, "the number of times the speaker switched" will be counted.
Before Change after change Number of sentences that appeared during the call Number of times the speaker switched

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