Three-way calling capability (MiiTel Phone Mobile)

The three-way calling feature allows you to join other users' calls.


If you just want to listen to other users' calls, please check Monitoring Feature (MiiTel Phone Mobile) for more information. If you only want to talk to a user who is on a call, please check out the Whispering feature (MiiTel Phone Mobile). Please check it out.


How to use

You can make a three-way call by entering the target person's extension number after "77*" and dialing out.
  • Only one user can join a call at a time using this feature.
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  • This feature does not invite users outside your organization (conference call feature, conference call).
  • The speech of all three-way call participants is recorded and displayed in the speech recognition results (transcription). However, in current use, it is not possible to specifically classify more than two speakers.

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