Announcement] Specification change for Salesforce activity history integration

The subject line of the Salesforce Activity History will now easily indicate that it is a missed call or missed call history. This specification change will be applicable on August 5, 2020.



Date of implementation of specification change:

August 5, 2020 (Wednesday)

Scope of impact of the specification change:

Customers who are using Salesforce activity history integration

Details of the specification change:

[Outgoing (not available)] or [Incoming (not available)] will be displayed at the beginning of the subject line of the activity history for missed outgoing calls and missed incoming calls.



Reasons for the change:

The reason for the change

To make it easier to distinguish between call history and absence history without having to expand the activity history in Salesforce.


  • This does not apply to the MiiTel response history before the specification change.

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