Cannot import the CSV file into Contacts

If you are unable to import the CSV to Contacts of MiiTel Analytics, the following may be the cause of the problem. Please try solving the problem by the following solutions.

CSV file does not have the proper character encoding set up


If the above error message is displayed, please try the two solutions below.

  • Set Shift-JIS or UTF-8 for the character encoding and create the CSV file again (if the file includes platform-dependent characters, convert the character encoding of the original file to UTF-8, then select UTF-8 in the Encoding setting.)
  • When configuring the import settings in MiiTel Analytics, set the character encoding as the same one as the CSV file.


CSV file configuration format is incorrect


If this error message is displayed, please check if the CSV file (which you will import) has the following configuration formats.

  • The header row is not included in the file.
  • The value does not have any quotations (" and ').

You have exceeded the limit in the number of registrations


If this error message is displayed, please check the number of rows in your CSV file. Also, please check if the total number of contacts and CSV files exceeds the limit in the number of registrations.

  • Maximum number of rows that can be imported at one time: 10,000
  • Maximum number of contacts that can be registered: 500,000

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