Using the Click-to-Call feature in FileMaker

You can set up click-to-call so that you can make one-click calls to phone numbers that are registered in FileMaker.


To use the Click to Call feature in FileMaker, you need to have the desktop app version of MiiTel Phone installed on your computer. For instructions on how to install it, please see Set up the Desktop App.

How to set up.

  1. Launch FileMaker and open Contacts.
  2. View the layout where you want to place the Click to Call button and click the Edit Layout button in the upper right corner of the screen.


  1. At the top of the screen __________2020-08-24_13.47.49.png at the top of the screen and drag around the area where you want to place the click-to-call button.


  1. Click on the button at the top of the "Button Settings" window that appears and select the button icon for Click to Call.


  1. Select [Execute Script] in "Process :" at the bottom of the "Button Settings" window, and click the [ + ] button in the "Script Settings" window that appears.


  1. In the "Edit Scrip" window that appears, set the name of the click to call script you want to create and click OK.

FM__5. png

  1. Enter "variable" in the search box on the right side of the "Edit Script" window to search for it.
  2. Double click on "Set Variable" in the search results.


  1. Click on the gear icon for the added step name and set the following in the "Options for [Set Variable]" window.

Name: $callto

Value: miitel://


  1. "Value:" [specify...] button. button.
  2. In the "Specify a formula" window, enter the formula ""miitel://" & Phone number::Number" as shown below.
    (Click the [ & ] button on the right side of the screen, set [Phone Number] at the top of the left side, and then double-click [Number])
  3. .


  1. Click the OK button at the bottom right of the window to close the window.
  2. Click OK in the "Set Variable Options" window.
  3. On the right side of the "Edit Script" window, search for "URL" and double click "Open URL".

FM_10. png

  1. Click on the area below to set it to [Off].

FM_11. png

  1. Click the gear icon to the right of "Open URL [With dialog: Off]", enter "$callto" in the window that appears, and click OK.

FM_12. png

  1. Click the OK or X button in the window that appears to close it.
  2. Click the "Exit Layout" button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Once the configuration is complete, a click-to-call button will appear with the icon you set in the configured area as shown below. Clicking the button will launch the MiiTel Phone and allow you to make a call.


FM_13. png

If you want FileMaker to automatically appear when you receive an incoming call on MiiTel, you can use Incoming Popup Settings.
You can't register and save history in FileMaker contacts.

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