Full-text search function (search of answering history)

Using the full-text search function, you can search the response history by user name, response memo, keywords, comments, voice recognition results, call duration, etc. displayed on the response history screen.


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Full text search can be used from any screen in MiiTel Analytics. You can choose to search for voice recognition results only, or you can set detailed criteria to search.

Search response history using only words in the speech recognition result.

You can search the caller history based on what was said during the call or words.

  • Set the words you want to search in the search box displayed at the top of the screen.
  • Press the Enter key on your keyboard and the search results will be displayed as shown below.
  • _______ 1.png

    Search the response history by setting detailed criteria


    You can also set search criteria such as user name, response memo, keywords, voice recognition result, call duration and so on. If you want to set more detailed search conditions, click [▼] in the search box to display the following search conditions. After setting the conditions, click the [Save] button to display the search result screen.


    search 2.png

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