Full-text search

With the full-text search feature, you can search for calls or meetings by entering the username, call memo, keywords, comments, speech recognition results, call duration, etc.


You can use this feature by the following ways.


  •   You cannot search by combining the following fields.
  • Type
  • Fields that are marked as Call only
  • Fields that are marked as Meeting only
  •   You can only search one word in Comment.
  •   You can search with multiple words by using the following search conditions.
  • OR search: Type "|" to separate each word 
  • AND search: Enter spaces to separate each word
  • Search by excluding specific words: Add "-" to the word you wish to exclude from the search. (Example: If you enter "appointment-outsource", you can search for call histories that include "appointment" and do not include "outsource" in the speech recognition results.)

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