Summary of the Speech Recognition

From the phone call's speech recognition results (chat transcript), you can check a summary that contains parts of the conversation assumed to be important. You can use the summary to easily write the meeting minutes of the phone conversation or share important details with other members.


How to check the summary

The phone conversation recorded by MiiTel will be transcribed by speech recognition (Beta). From the results, statements (speech balloons) containing vocabulary and phrases that are predicted to be important will be extracted as a summary. The importance ratings are determined by scoring the vocabulary and phrases spoken in phone calls within the same company ID. 

  1. Click Call History __________2019-09-30_19.19.59_2.png in MiiTel Analytics.
  2. Go to the bottom of the screen and click Speech recognition (Summary) in Speech recognition (Beta).


You can copy the entire summary text by clicking the Copy to Clipboard button at the bottom of the Speech recognition (Summary).

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