Link HubSpot user to MiiTel user (activity assignee)

HubSpot activity assignee settings are used to link MiiTel user accounts to HubSpot user accounts. By setting this up, the names of HubSpot users who made calls with the MiiTel phone will be displayed in the HubSpot activity.



  1. Log in to MiiTel Admin.
  2. Click Third Party Integration > HubSpot
  3. Click the Activity assignee tab.
  4. Click Edit on the HubSpot user.


  1. Click Select users to add box and select the MiiTel account to be linked with the HubSpot user.
  2. Click Add.
  3. After the MiiTel user is displayed on the list, click Save.



  •   You can also link multiple MiiTel users to one HubSpot user.

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