Option Settings for MiiTel Phone Desktop

We would like to introduce the optional settings for MiiTel Phone Desktop.


Option 1 : Set to start automatically when the computer starts

To automatically open MiiTel Phone Desktop when your computer starts, please refer to the following pages.

Option 2: Set app to come to the front on incoming calls

To bring MiiTel to the forefront of the screen when you receive an incoming call, please change the settings to the following.

Click MiiTel in the menu bar > Preferences > Show app in front when you received a call to enable the settings. (This setting is for macOS)

Option 3: Settings for making calls by one-click

You can use MiiTel Phone Desktop to make a Click To Call with each application that supports callto://, tel://, and miitel:// with the following setting.

When you create a link with the format miitel:<Phone Number> or miitel://<Phone Number> in each application, the link would be converted to allow MiiTel to start automatically make calls.
For example, a link to call a phone number of 0344054621,  create the link miitel:0344054621 or miitel://0344054621.
You can also create a link in the format tel:<Phone Number>, tel://<Phone Number>, callto:<Phone Number>, or callto://<Phone Number>, but this may require additional configuration in some cases. If the outgoing call fails, please configure the following protocol handler.

Settings for outgoing calls using tel:// and callto:// protocol handlers

How to uninstall:

You can remove the installed application by following the steps from the pages below.

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