HubSpot Integration

This page explains how to integrate HubSpot with MiiTel.



What you can do with HubSpot integration

  • Import the customers' and phone numbers' details from HubSpot to Contacts.
  • See the customer details from HubSpot on MiiTel Phone's incoming call screen.


  •   The phone numbers must be registered to a default property in HubSpot.

How to integrate with MiiTel

  1. Log in to HubSpot with the HubSpot user you will use for this integration.
  2. Visit and log in to MiiTel Analytics.

  3. Click cog-solid__1_.svg Open MiiTel Admin on the top right of the page.

  4. Click Third Party Integration > HubSpot
  5. Click Add HubSpot integration.


  1. After selecting the account to be used for integration, click Choose Account.


  1. The record details in HubSpot will be saved into Contacts at midnight on the day you set up the integration.


  •   If you create or edit a company or a contact in HubSpot and would like to update them to MiiTel, click Reintegrate in HubSpot integration and choose an account to update. The update will be finished at around midnight.


  •   You can register up to 500,000 contacts to Contacts. (If you have more than 500,000 records in Hubspot, you will not be able to integrate with MiiTel. Also, if the total number of contacts registered in Contacts and the records registered in HubSpot is over 500,000, you will not be able to integrate with MiiTel.
  •   If there is a hyphen (-) on the phone number registered in HubSpot, the phone number will be registered to Contacts with the hyphen removed.
  •   This integration uses REST API, and the API will be consumed.
  •   You cannot register the same phone number again in Contacts. Therefore, if you have multiple records in HubSpot with the same phone number, the system will conduct the following rules to select the record and import the phone number for the integration.
  • If there is a same record in both Contacts and Companies, the import will be made from Companies.
  • Suppose multiple records with the same phone number are registered in Contacts or Companies. In that case, the record with the most recent modified time will be imported.
  • Suppose the phone number on both the HubSpot record and Contacts is the same. In that case, the company's information and name saved on HubSpot will be overwritten in Contacts

Options: Email notifications for errors on MiiTel-integrated third-party services

When an error occurs in HubSpot integration or other MiiTel-integrated third-party services, you can receive a notification email whenever an error occurs.

Please refer to Email notifications for errors on MiiTel-integrated third-party services to set this notification.

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