HubSpot Activity Integration

With HubSpot activity integration, users can check the time and type of MiiTel phone calls on HubSpot.



  •   To use this feature, you'll need to set the HubSpot integration.
  •   Only one Hub ID can be integrated for one Company ID.

How to integrate

  1. Log in to MiiTel Admin. 
  2. Click Third Party Integration > HubSpot
  3. Click the Activity integration tab.
  4. Check Enable activity integration.


  1. Check the fields you like to register to the HubSpot activity, and click Save.



  •   Do not include hyphens (-) or spaces when registering the phone number to HubSpot. The activity will not be registered to the HubSpot record if hyphens or spaces are included in the phone number.
  •   If there are multiple records for the same phone number, the activities will be registered by the following conditions.
  • If you are using MiiTel Phone for HubSpot and make a call to the phone number on the page where MiiTel Phone is activated:
    → Activities will only be registered on the page where MiiTel Phone is activated.
  • Other than the above
    → Activities will be registered to all records with the same phone number.
  •   When you add or delete the call memo in the call history, these changes will also be reflected in the activity.
  •   MiiTel's call history details will be registered in the "=" area. Also, if you add or delete a call memo, the details in this area will be updated. Therefore, if you like to directly add the call memo to the activity, please add the memo outside the "=" area.


  •   The following details can automatically be entered into the activity.
     Connected is entered:
      ・If the other person answers the phone call
     No answer is entered:
      ・If nobody answers the phone call
      ・Missed phone calls
      ・If the incoming call gets connected to a voicemail
     Outbound is entered:
      ・If you make a phone call
     Inbound is entered:
      ・If you answer the phone call
      ・If the incoming call gets connected to a voicemail

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