Types and Features of MiiTel Phone

There are five types of MiiTel phones to fit in various usage environments. Each phone has different features, but they can also be used together.
Below is the comparison chart and features of each MiiTel Phone. Please refer to the table below to help you choose the right MiiTel Phone for you.

Types of MiiTel Phone

  1. MiiTel Phone Chrome Extension
  2. MiiTel Phone Desktop
  3. MiiTel Phone Web
  4. MiiTel Phone for Salesforce
  5. MiiTel Phone for HubSpot
  6. MiiTel Phone Mobile

MiiTel Phone Comparison Table

  MiiTel Phone Chrome Extension MiiTel Phone Desktop MiiTel Phone Web MiiTel Phone for Salesforce MiiTel Phone for HubSpot MiiTel Phone Mobile
Receiving and Making Calls *1
Internal and External Call Forwarding *2
Click to call feature *3 × *4 *5 ×
Show MiiTel Phone on the screen for incoming calls × *6 × × ×
Notification Display for incoming calls *7 ×
Launch MiiTel Phone when the device turns on × × × ×

*1: Receiving and answering calls is not supported due to HubSpot specifications.

*2: You can only transfer outside line calls to the phone number displayed in Phonebook and Contacts of MiiTel Phone Mobile.

*3: You can set up Click to call if your application supports the feature.

*4: Only the phone number displayed on the Salesforce screen can be used for Click to call.

*5: In HubSpot, you can use Call to make a call to a phone number registered in your HubSpot Contact record or Company record.

*6: In MiiTel Phone Desktop, you will need to configure the settings to bring the MiiTel Phone application on the screen for incoming calls.

*7: For incoming calls, MiiTel Phone for Salesforce will appear on the Salesforce screen if you are currently logged in to MiiTel Phone for Salesforce.

Reference for choosing MiiTel Phone based on the phone related work

If you make many calls to the phone numbers listed on the Web

  • MiiTel Phone Chrome Extension

Answer phone calls while entering data into Salesforce

  • MiiTel Phone for Salesforce

In case you cannot install Google Chrome on your computer

  • MiiTel Phone Desktop
  • MiiTel Phone for Salesforce
  • MiiTel Phone Mobile
  • MiiTel Phone Web

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