Configuring MiiTel Phone Mobile Permissions

Learn how to set permissions on your MiiTel Phone Mobile.

  • Only users authorized to use MiiTel Phone Mobile can use this feature.
  • For MiiTel Phone Mobile installation instructions and operating environment, please visit Set up MiiTel on your smartphone.

How to set up

  • In MiiTel Analytics [set up] __________2019-10-01_18.33.51.png.
  • Click User Management.

  • Make sure you see the mobile symbol in the "Services" column.
  • ________1.png

    If you do not see the mobile symbol in the above figure, it means that you have not subscribed to MiiTel Phone Mobile. Please contact your MiiTel representative if you are using this service.
    1. Click the Edit button for the user who will be using MiiTel Phone Mobile, then click Edit.


    1. Under "Each Service Permissions", check "Allow" for MiiTel Phone and MiiTel Phone Mobile and click the "Save" button.

    MiiTel Phone Mobile users must have permission to use MiiTel Phone.
    1. Make sure the "Services" column looks like this for users who are allowed to use MiiTel Phone Mobile.


    This completes your MiiTel Phone Mobile authorization settings.
    If you wish to install the MiiTel Phone Mobile app on your smartphone, please visit Settings for using MiiTel Phone on your smartphone.

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