How to check the result of speech recognition (beta version)

MiiTel's voice recognition feature transcribes recorded calls. MiiTel's voice recognition feature can be used to transcribe calls and minutes.

If you have a word that is difficult to transcribe, you can use the User Dictionary for Speech Recognition to make it appear in the speech recognition results. You can also use it. Please use it as well.


  • How to check the speech recognition result
  • How to check the voice from the speech recognition result.

How to check the speech recognition result


The speech recognition result is displayed in the response history.

  • In MiiTel Analytics [Call History] __________2019-09-30_19.19.59_2.png in MiiTel Analytics.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen to see the voice recognition results.
  • ____1. png

    Click on the [Speech recognition results (excluding fillers)] tab to see the speech recognition results excluding speech parts such as "uh", "eh" and "um". ____2.png

    How to check your speech from speech recognition results

    1. Click on the time shown above each speech balloon.


    1. This will move to the top of the screen and set the start of playback mark at the appropriate time.


    1. Click the [Play] button to confirm the audio.


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