Pop-up feature in Salesforce (Lightning Experience)

You can customize the pop-up features when you receive a call to MiiTel Phone on Salesforce, depending on the registration status of the phone number (for incoming calls).

For the following three registration statuses of phone numbers (for incoming calls), you can also set the below for incoming calls.
(Pop-up features are available on wide mode.)


  •  For calls transferred by an internal extension, the caller's phone number (account's phone number) from which the call is forwarded will be displayed on the pop-up.


  •  This feature is not available for Salesforce Classic.
  •  Only users that have administrative privileges on Salesforce can change the settings.
  •  To use this feature, you need to implement MiiTel Phone on Salesforce.


  1. Log in to Salesforce with an account that has administrative privileges.
  2. Click Settings from Settings (wheel icon) on Salesforce.


  1. Enter softphone layout in the search box.

  2. From the search results, click Softphone Layouts.


  1. Click Edit next to the name of an existing layout definition.


  1. In Select call type, choose the type of call.


  1. In Screen Pop Settings, you can specify which Salesforce page to be displayed for the following 3 matching conditions.
  • No matching records
  • Single-matching record
  • Multiple-matching records


  1. Click each item and make the appropriate settings.
  • Don't pop any screen: Setting to not move to a different screen when you received an incoming call.
  • Pop to new page (This setting is only available for No matching records.)


  •   You can select the new registration destination object as shown in the picture below. However, MiiTel receives the account name and contact person name based on the phone numbers created in Contacts, Account, and Leads. Therefore, we recommend you to set Contacts, Account, and Leads or other objects that link to these objects.


  • Pop to Visualforce page: Setting to move to the specified Visualforce page.
  • Pop to flow: Setting to move to the specified flow.



  •   If you want to create a MiiTel call history for a new record, please note the following.
    1. Select After call ends in Activity history registration of Salesforce integration.
    2. Complete the registration before you end the call.

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