How to download the recorded audio files

You can download the recorded audio files from Call History page, and the customer's organization can save/manage the files.


  •   To download the recorded audio file, the user must be granted the [Download recorded audio files] permission. Only users with the manager role can set up this permission.
  1. In MiiTel Analytics, click headphones-solid (1).svgCall History.
  2. Click and select the call history you wish to download.


  1. Click Audio File Download from Operation on the upper right corner of the waveform graph.


  1. The audio data will be downloaded in M4A format.


  •   If Audio File Download is not displayed, your account may not have permission to Download recorded audio files. For users with manager role, please check various service privileges for each user.
  •   The default period for saving the audio file is until the end of the month following the month in which the recording was made (E.g., a call from April 1 - 30 can be viewed, played, and downloaded until May 31). If you wish to store your data in MiiTel Analytics for a longer period of time, you will need to subscribe to the MiiTel Data Retention Extension Fee (formerly known as "Big Data Pack.") For more information, please contact your sales representative or support.

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