Download the call history list as CSV

You can download the call history list for a specific time period by CSV. You  can use the data in the CSV as your guide for analyzing calls or making business strategies.



Download the call history list as CSV

  1. Click Call History List table-solid.svg in MiiTel Analytics.
  2. Click Switch to new Call History List or Switch to old Call History List in the upper right of MiiTel Analytics to see the type of call history list you wish to download in CSV format.
  3. Choose the display type of the call history list.


  1. Click Call History List Download in the upper right corner of the screen.

  2. From the screen below, please change the settings.


1Period: Set the period of the call history you want to include in the CSV file.

2Encoding: Select the character encoding for the CSV file.

3Locale: Set the language of each field in the CSV file (Japanese or English).


  •   If you select a period that includes Today or the day you are downloading the list, the CSV file will include the history records registered in the Call History List at the time you click [+ Create].
  1. After you set the above, click [+ Create]. Next, you will go to the Storage page.
  2. After the Process state changes from Waiting to Completed, click cloud-download-alt-solid.svg to download the CSV file.



  •   Depending on the period, it may take some time for the CSV file to be ready. In this case, you can set up an email notification to get notified when the file is ready.
  •   To check the latest processing update on the storage page, refresh the page by clicking sync-alt-solid.svg.

Name and details of each column in the CSV file

The details of the CSV file are different for List display and Flow display.

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