Adding Answering Notes (MiiTel Phone Mobile)

Each MiiTel call history has a "Intercom Memo" feature that allows you to tag the call history for classification and analysis. You can register this memo. You can use this feature on both MiiTel Phone and MiiTel Phone Mobile.

You need to create a list of response notes in advance. Please refer to "Create a Memo" for instructions.

How to register a response memo

  • The history displayed on the response screen is only the history of responses by logged-in users.
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  • Up to 20 response histories are listed on the response history screen, and when the number of response histories exceeds 20, the list disappears in order of oldest to newest.
  • MiiTel Phone Mobile
  • When you log out of MiiTel Phone Mobile, all of your call history will be reset and no longer displayed in the call history screen.
  • You can also set emoji in your notes.