Outbound call forwarding with MiiTel Phone

MiiTel Phone calls can be forwarded to an outside line, such as a mobile phone.

  1. Click the Hold button during a call.
  2. Click the Transfer button.


  1. Enter the phone number to which you want to transfer an outside line in the [username or contact] form.


  1. Click on the outside call forwarding number displayed in the outside line frame.


  1. Click the Transfer button.


  1. When the caller answers the phone, you can take the call, and when the caller is ready to take the call, click the End Call button to complete the transfer.
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When you use the call forwarding function in MiiTel, your MiiTel phone number will be displayed in the forwarding destination. Please note that in accordance with the Telecommunications Business Law and other laws and regulations, it is prohibited to display the caller ID of the incoming call to the call forwarder.

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